Your Weather Guide for Autumn in Dublin, Ireland

August 30, 2018

You may have heard or perhaps read that one is to “expect the unexpected” when it comes to the weather in Ireland. Yes, there may be truth behind this statement however there are some consistencies when it comes to the specific seasons in Dublin, Ireland. Here you will find information and tips aimed to help prepare you for your visit to Dublin this Autumn.











• Irish Weather = never too hot or too cold
• Autumn (or Fall) begins in August and runs through October.
• Highest temperatures are usually between 14 - 18°C.
• Night temperatures average between 5-8°C.
• It can be rather windy at times (Dublin + Seaside = Wind)

Rain or Shine
• Ireland’s reputation = extremely rainy country.
• Reality = it does certainly rain but not as often as legend tells us.
• That wonderful large star shining in the sky appears from time to time.
• The sky’s cry is often a light drizzle. A heavier downpour rarely lasts
• Approximately 751 pubs in Dublin City = plenty of options for shelter

What to pack
• Pack to be prepared for any kind of weather.
• Items such as short & long sleeves, sweaters, light jacket, scarf, waterproof attire and comfortable shoes.
• Layer so you can add and/or subtract clothing throughout the day according to the weather.
• You can bring an umbrella; however, do not to bring one that is expensive or one that has sentimental value to you (it may get ruined due to wind).

P.S You will be able to buy a cheap one once you are in Dublin in a store called Penneys (located on O’Connell Street). It will quickly become your over-seas saviour for any items you forgot to pack or run out of while visiting Dublin!

To bring this handy guide of Dublin’s Autumn weather to a close, you should arrive prepared for an array of weather conditions but note that overall Autumn weather is not too shabby and provides beautiful scenery with the changing leaves! So now it’s time to put your best foot forward in your most comfortable shoes and let your Irish Adventure begin!

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