June 21, 2019

At Trinity City Hotel, we like to think that we’ve built up quite a lot of knowledge on things cocktail related. Our experienced bar tenders have shaken up many Whiskey Sours, Daquiris and Pornstar Martinis over their time. In fact, not only can our bar team recommend you a great choice to please your taste buds, they can even suggest a cocktail to match your personality type too!

Find your perfect cocktail match based on your personality type below:

The Fun and Fiery – You’re unashamedly fun loving and always the life of the party.  Your ideal cocktail is a Pornstar Martini. This delicious mix of Absolut Vanilla vodka, passionfruit juice and vanilla syrup, topped with a garnish of passionfruit scores top points for fun and flavour. It’s fruity & vibrant taste reflects your bold and brilliant personality – it’s a match made in heaven!


The Ol’ Traditional– You know what you like and you’re confident in your decisions. Your firm, precise and true to yourself. Your best match is an Old Fashioned. Made with Bourbon Whiskey, brown sugar, angostura bitters, chocolate bitters and orange zest – there’s a reason this classic is such a hit. In fact, did you know that the Old Fashioned may is the most classic of them all? According to historians – some of the core ingredients found in the Old Fashioned (sugar, bitter, water(ice) and whiskey) made up the world’s first cocktail back in the 1800’s. While the drink has been slightly tweaked with the addition of flavours such as orange and chocolate – the classic recipe has firmly held its place in the world of mixology.

The Easy Going – You’re laid back, chilled out and generally described as a ‘no fuss’ kind of person. You appreciate the little things in life and rarely get caught up in the nitty gritty details. You like a drink that is simple yet seriously satisfying. We recommend the Tom Collins -a zesty and refreshing blend of gin, lemon sugar and sparkling water, its sure to go down a treat.

The Adventure Seeker – You’re brave, adventurous and never afraid to try something new. When it comes to cocktails – you’re ready to indulge. We recommend the Pina Colada. A creamy and sweet mix of Havana Club rum, coconut, pineapple juice and cream, this classic mix is sure to satisfy your curiosity and your taste buds. 


The Understated & Elegant– You’re Lady Trinity. A delightful combination of Beefeater pink gin and prosecco. This simple yet delicious pairing encompasses your sophisticated and subtle personality. You’re sure to enjoy every sip.

The Early Riser – You rather see the sunrise than the sun set. You won’t be found at the bar late in the evening but rather you prefer to seize the early morning. You have a ‘get up and go’ mentality and you are never afraid to go after what you want. The Bloody Mary is your perfect match – its unique ingredients including tomato juice, lemon, hot sauce black pepper and celery are sure to give you that extra kick to start your day - Enjoy it with or without the Absolut vodka.


Check out cocktail menu to find your flavour.

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