October 09, 2019

Nothing says Halloween like a visit to some of Dublin City’s most haunted sites - and there are quite a few. Below, you’ll find some of Dublin’s spookiest spots if you want to explore the dark and eery side of Dublin city this October. If you’re feeling brave, why not visit some these notorious sites for yourself? We would love to hear of any frightening occurrences you encounter…

The Vaults at Saint Michan’s

Make the short journey to Church Street, Smithfield and you’ll find one of Dublin’s oldest, creepiest churches – Saint Michans. Take a step inside to watch things really take a spine-chilling turn. Hidden beneath the floorboards, lies a cellar containing the notorious Saint Michan vaults. Here, you’ll encounter stacked coffins, human bones and skulls, and even the mummified remains of four of Ireland’s ancient elite known as ‘the big four’. Navigate through the dim, dusty burial chambers to see the preserved bodies which have remained intact for hundreds of years. If that doesn’t give you a haunted shudder down your spine, then we don’t know what will. And if you are feeling extra brave, you can rub their fingers – legend says it will bring good luck.

Kilmainham Gaol

A long-standing building of Dublin city, Kilmainham Gaol dating back to 1796 has seen its fair share of mysterious activity throughout it’s time. Not only have some of the most significant events in Irish history taken place within its walls but supposedly, a fair share of ghostly activity has too. Reports date back to the 1960s when some of the jail’s workmen reported footsteps following them down eery deserted corridors, lights mysteriously turning on and off and gusts of wind knocking them over while they worked on the building.

A haunted pub: The Brazen Head

It wouldn’t be haunted Dublin without a haunted pub! The Brazen Head located in the Liberties, Co. Dublin is the Ireland’s oldest pub and according to stories, It’s likely to be one of Irelands spookiest too. The pub which dates as far back as 1653 and was a favourite of United Irishman Robert Emmet. In fact, Emmet reportedly used the pub to plan his rebellion in 1803. He would stay at the premises in a room overlooking the main door so he could see possible enemies’ approach. However, when his rebellion failed, Robert Emmet was hanged and beheaded in nearby Thomas Street on 20th September 1803. Ever since, Emmet has been reported to have been spotted in the pub, his ghost lingering around in his old spot.

The Rubrics Building, Trinity College Dublin


Directly across from The Trinity City Hotel, in the Rubrics Building on the grounds of Trinity College, you can experience a slice of Dublin’s eery past. The ghost of former lecturer Edward Ford to be specific. The story goes that hot-tempered Ford got into a row with a group of students who were throwing stones at his windows in the Rubrics building of the campus back in 1734, and was fatally shot inside the building. Since then – he has come back to visit. His ghost has been spotted on numerous occasions donning a wig, gown and knee breaches lingering in the shadows outside of the building.

The Hellfire Club

A little further afield, but well worth the trip for a truly haunted experience in Dublin this October. The notorious Hellfire Club lies on Montpellier Hill in the Dublin mountains. During the day, it offers some wonderful views overlooking the city but once the night-time hits, it takes a dark turn. A forest trail will bring you up to the top of the hill where you’ll encounter the ruins of a large hunting lodge. It is in this building that some very strange happenings have taken place, if stories are to be believed. The lodge was originally built in 1725 as a hunting lodge for a Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, William Connolly who also happened to be one of the richest men in Ireland. However, when Conolly passed away in 1729, the lodge was taken over by unruly young men who would use it for all sorts of illegal activity such as drinking, gambling, torturing animals and even Satan worshipping. Ever since, countless horror stories have emerged around the property – people hearing whisperings in the ears, seeing black shadows lingering around and evens voices and screams. The lodge is known to have many resident ghosts, one of which is said to grab people's jewellery, especially if you are wearing a crucifix around the neck.

The Black Church

The black church located near Mountjoy street is otherwise known as the ‘doorway to hell’. Sound inviting? Legend says that in this this dark, eery building you can actually make the devil himself appear. To do so, you must complete one of the following: Run around the church three times at midnight, walk around the church thirteen times in reverse or recite the “Our Father” backwards. Now while we don’t encourage that you seek out an encounter with the devil himself, we would love to hear if you do experience any frightening goings-on’s.
Dublin ghost bus tour
Want to jam pack as many spooky sights into your stay as possible? The Dublin ghost bus tour is a great way to get a glimpse of Dublin’s underbelly, the dark side of Dublin City. The Ghostbus storytellers bring tales from Dublin’s dark history to life and you’ll visit the scenes of some of Dublin’s most horrific and shocking paranormal activities including many of the above. Your Ghostbus journey begins as soon as you get on board. First make your way through a series of sinister, maze like chambers before mounting the steps to the Victorian theatre above which is the scene of the night’s events. Blood red velvet curtains enclose the space and suppress the screams from within as the tour takes off.
Full details of the tour can be found on the Dublin Ghost Bus Tour website. For little ones or the not so brave, a Ghostbus kids tour is also available. Tours run at multiple times, 7 days a week.

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