February 09, 2016

With more people looking into having small weddings, and us planning and organising more and more of those in the Trinity City Hotel, we thought we will share few tips with you about how to lower your costs and have the best wedding day possible. Small weddings are very special because you get to spend a day with your nearest & dearest – not your mother’s dentist neighbours.

1. To keep your wedding small, be ruthless with your wedding list. This is fairly obvious, but you will always be under pressure to add someone else or people might get hurt as you didn’t invite them – don’t worry about it too much. This is your special day and you get to decide how you want to celebrate it

2. Save on transportby having your wedding and reception in the same venue or in the venue close by. We are lucky enough to be only 5 minutes’ drive or 15 minutes’ walk from Civil Registration Service at Sir Patrick Duns Hospital, Lower Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2 – which provide both civil partnership and marriage services.

3. Keep your party entertained! Pick a venue that has a bar in the same room your party is at. That way, your wedding party will not split to go to bar. As you have a small wedding, keep people mingling and having fun together!

4. Spend on the most memorable parts of the day and scrimp on details – chair covers tend to go unnoticed while food and entertainment stay in everyone’s memory.

5. As you are celebrating your wedding with people closest to you, involve them in the event! They can read a poem, everyone can say few lines about the happy couple, or maybe you have friends who are great in DIY and can help you with some quirky decorations? They will be very happy you asked!

6. Get married sooner – don’t spend a lot of time to plan, as the more you think about it the more you will end up adding to the party and spending at the wedding. If you have specific time limit, you are very likely to concentrate more on the end goal than to constantly change and keep going off the budget

7. If you are trying to stick to a budget for your wedding, keep in mind that so are your friends as well! If you are picking a hotel venue to hold a reception in, pick one that is on a good, easily accessible location (with parking!) and not too expensive so your friends can party until the morning with you and not dash off early!

We specialize in small urban boutique weddings so talk to us about your special day plans!

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